Written by Staff of Dvdcc.com - January 1st, 2002


We did a few things different this year when choose the top DVDs of the year.  We let the entire staff vote for the top DVDs in each category.

It was a mighty fine year for DVD - and there were a lot of great discs out there - so it was hard to narrow down the categories and the winners.

Best Extras:

Fox's Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace on DVD packed a ton of extras, easily out distancing most other releases this year. We got just about everything we would ever want to know about the making of the film, as well as the ability to see the trailer for Episode 2 before the rest of the world did (although, it was leaked to the internet within minutes). (read review / buy)

Best Menus:

Fox's Star Wars: Episode 1 - With random menus and cool effects in the back ground, this disc won hands down in our staff poll. Columbia / Tri-Star's Superbit collection came in second... just kidding. (read review / buy)

Best Animated Title:

Disney's Snow White - Expecting something else? Perhaps something Green? (and perhaps something claiming ten plus hours of extras?) Well, not this time. Snow White was truly an exceptional remaster out of Disney, and for that reason we decided to give it the nod as our best animated title of the year. (read review / buy)

Best TV Show On DVD:

Warner's Faulty Towers - John Cleese is something else! This Warner release finally brought back the old comedy series to be appreciated once again by the younger and older generatios alike. Very funny stuff here; it gets our nod for best TV show on DVD. (sorry no review / buy)

Best Remaster:

Warner's Citizen Kane - For perhaps one of the best movie's of all time, Warner was able to pull off a remaster that gave us Citizen Kane in quality never before seen. This is, without a doubt, the best remaster of the year, and should be in every film buffs DVD collection. (read review / buy)

Favorite Movie To Watch on DVD in 2001:

DreamWork's Almost Famous 'Untitled' Cameron Crowe had really created a masterpiece with Almost Famous... surprisingly enough he was able to top it with this new extended "bootleg" cut, allowing us to spend more time with our favorite characters, as well as creating a more flowing movie experience. We love it. (read review / buy)

Best DVD Event:

Even though it was not a public event, LucasFilm's special trip to Skywalker Ranch for reporters took the cake.  Duh!

Best DVD Of The Year:

Fox's Star Wars: Episode 1 - Of course not everyone liked the movie itself; but Lucas Films truly went over the top with the first release of a Star Wars movie to the DVD format. Eventhough the release left a bit to be desired in the image department (excessive edge enhancement, overall soft picture), it was packed with an exceptional THX Surround EX 5.1 track, along with hours or extras and hidden features, making the Phantom Menace on DVD is our top choice on DVD for 2001. (read review / buy)

Other Runners Up:

Dreamwork's Shrek, MGM's The Terminator, Fox's X-Files seasons, Paramount's Star Trek original series, Paramount's Godfather DVD Collection, Artisan's Memento, New Line's Blow and many others.





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