"STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 ON DVD: Section III - Overview of Skywalker Ranch"
Written by John D. Randall - September 11th, 2001


Skywalker Ranch itself is truly an amazing place - but not exactly what you might expect. You might think than it is decked out like some space station, but its actually more beautiful than that could ever be.

The Skywalker Ranch is about an hour north of San Francisco California located in Marin County. The road leading up to the Ranch is very long road with lots of short curves up in the hills.

When getting to the main gate of the complex, the gates will automatically open allowing you to drive up to the guard tower. The guard looks like a common police officer, but with an X-Wing fighter on his sleeve - very cool. Once getting checked on the list, the guard will tell you where to go.

After a long road, you will eventually get to the main house. The house is a Victorian style house and is breathtaking from the inside and out. The inside is mostly redwood and contains a small movie theater, a conference room, a library (which is really awesome), and various other rooms.

Across from the main house is Ewok Lake and some vineyards. The Ranch actually makes their own wine.

Down the road a bit is the technical building, which houses Skywalker Sound and a full size movie theater. Another awesome looking building to say the very least.

Other places at the Ranch include the Skywalker General Store (gift shop), an Archives building, a fitness center, a baseball diamond, and more.

Some other tidbits about the Ranch is that it houses about 200 employees, most of the parking is underground, and has roaming deer all over the place. The Ranch also has it own fire department and ambulance service, which helps other places off the Ranch in Marin County when needed.

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