"STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 ON DVD: Section V - DVD Event Day 2"
Written by John D. Randall - September 11th, 2001


Upon arrival at the Skywalker Ranch for day two, we all headed to the technical building where we hung out and talked until they were ready for us to begin the day's activities.

At that time, we all got our press packages, which included a screener copy of the two-disc DVD set of Star Wars: Episode 1.

We were all led to a massive movie theater downstairs where they had a black backdrop set up and two chairs. This is where the Q&A session would happen.

Jim Ward once again was our host who would repeat the questions before the speaker would answer.

First up was Van Ling, the Episode 1 DVD Producer. Next up was Rick McCallum, the Producer of Episodes I and II. Pablo Helman, visual effects supervisor at ILM, took the stage next. Richard Dean, the supervising engineer at THX took some questions. Jon Shenk who directed the wonderful "The Beginning" documentary took some questions as well. Finally, yet importantly, it was time for George Lucas!

The Q&A session was very informative. Check out the full transcript for full details.

The answer to the infamous question "When will the other 3 movies be released?" - the answer comes from Jim Ward - "we have no real plans at this point in time."

However, George Lucas did go on to say that "And so now I think with these first three we will be releasing them as everyone else releases them, which is in the normal schedule after the initial theatrical release of the movie. Then I'll do the first three, because they're kind of vintage and it'll take a little bit more work."

Read what you want into all of that and anything can change, but if the above comes true, it looks like Episode 2 will be the next DVD...

That was it for Day 2 at Skywalker Ranch. A few of us stood around to chat for awhile before we all had to take one long last look at our beautiful surroundings and then head off the property.

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