Written by Rob Thurmond - October 15th, 2001


A special Mummy Returns DVD event was held in Santa Monica, CA on October 3rd, 2001. The event, used to raise money for the recent disasters here in America, consisted of appearances by The Rock and The Mummy himself, Arnold Vosloo!

More importantly was an interesting "archeological dig" for special prizes including a car! By some chance you have yet to pick up this DVD, you can check out our review of it by clicking here.

The Event In Santa Monica

It was severely Egyptian. The view from the Santa Monica pier that is. Three large facades decorated with all things Egypt interrupted the usual beach traffic, for this day marks the release of The Mummy Returns! Let's see, what shall we do, I know I know! Let's give away a bunch of stuff but first we'll bury it and then we'll have The Rock and Arnold Vosloo show up. Cool!

The Rock and Arnold Vosloo

The dig sight was a huge chunk of The Santa Monica beach roped off and filled with scarabs. These scarabs had symbols which correspond with particular prizes ranging from the VW Beetle down to Mummy Returns DVDs and other little goodies. Three hundred or so Californians lined up with plastic buckets and shovels, the least Egyptian of anything handed out that day, and waited anxiously to be released into the dig sight.

Arnold Vosloo, VW Beetle Winner, And The Rock

It became apparent that the crowd, whether they wanted to or not, would first be treated to show fit for a Pharaoh. A man in a black robe took the stage looking quite a bit like Imhotep himself and conjured up ANOK SUNOMEN and NEPHORTITE who quickly attacked each other with the most ancient form of Egyptian stage combat known to man.

These two battling babes pretended kick each others butts until one was about to be skewered when suddenly the man in the black robe stopped the fight and said some things about Egypt then things started to explode. Really. Then the Asian acrobat mummies hit the stage. They climbed poles and did flips then it was celebrity time.

Rob Thurmond Having Some Fun With The "Battling Babes"

First up was Arnold Vosloo - riding in a chair high aloft the shoulders of some really buff servant types who wore rather silly hats. I wondered if many people realized who he was or if they were just here to see The Rock. Well my question was answered as I realized that Arnold pretty much showed up to introduce his arch enemy The Scorpion King himself.

Arnold Vosloo's (aka The Mummy) Grand Entrance

As The Rock came in to the mix the crowd went nuts screaming and banging their buckets with their shovels. Well The Rock certainly did not disappoint, hitting the stage with subdued wrestler charisma making statements about the release of the SCORPION KING and then kicking off the archeological dig by tipping over a rather large hour glass that was of course very Egyptian.

Unfortunately, the press was not allowed out at the dig site while people were digging around.

Arnold Vosloo And Rob Thurmond

All in all it was a great event. A young guy with a WWF tattoo won the car. Everyone seemed to have a great time and I'm sure The Great Pharaohs of ancient times were pleased.





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