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Reviewed January 21st, 2001 by David Colby


Life began billions of years ago with a lightning strike hitting some methane and water, sparking the first living organism. From there life mutated, evolved and we now have DVD, er Humans. To think that we have not evolved to date past what we currently are would be ignorant to think. This is where the cartoon and now movie about Humans with mutated power and or abilities. We see everyday our top athletes pushing themselves harder and further then ever imagined. Patrick Stewart once again displays his talents as an actor taking on the role of Professor Xavier. Xavier, a mutant himself, has started a school for mutants where people are encouraged and guided to explore their abilities and of course fight for the cause of good. Magneto, on the other hand, is the evil, sort of; mentality that believes humans will never accept mutants and that it will always be a war between the two. Magneto controls the brotherhood of mutants that includes Sabertooth, Mystic, and Toad. Xavier is much more the type of can’t we all just get along? So the two masterminds are destined to battle out what mutant society will become. Coexisting or dominating. This film introduced you to dozens of new mutants with various abilities. Of course it stuck to the core mutants being, Storm, Cyclops, Rogue, Wolverine, Mystic, Sabertooth and Xavier and Magneto. These are all the common characters found in the comic book and cartoon show. While one might think this a children’s movie I would hesitate to bring children under the age of ten.

You are first introduced to storm, a child of age 15 or so, as she kisses a boy for the first time she nearly kills him. Sooner after that you travel with her as she leaves home in search for people like her, mutants. She runs into Wolverine, where the two strangely hit it off. On their way out of town they are attacked by some from Magneto’s bunch. The X-men come to the rescue and both wake up at Mutant Academy. Wolverine is in search of his past since he has not recollection of what happened to him or how he ended up with his metal coated bone structure. Magneto has come up with a plan to turn the world leaders into mutants, which would force them to accept mutants worldwide. Not a bad plan, but the mutation only ends up killing the person. Xavier and his team of X-men must protect the world’s leaders and thwart Magneto’s attempts. All along Xavier is looking for that small bit of hope that is needed to allow all the mutants to work together towards peace and acceptance. So not to spoil the movie how was the DVD you ask?

The DVD is in one word great! You are treated to a full Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound audio track. There is also a French Dolby digital 2.0 track included, just incase. The Audio is flawless with great use of all 6 speakers. The bass will shake your butt and the special effects just come at you in vibrant shocking reality! This is at the top of its class in DVD audio. You will not be disappointed.

The video is just as impressive. You are presented with an anamorphic widescreen presentation at an aspect ratio of 2.35:1, just like in the theater. No artifacts could be found and the color is dead on. No bleeding, no mushrooming. Just a visual treat for the eyes. The combination of the great audio and video will leave you breathless and will easily take you away into the world of mutants.

The extras are just as impressive. You will get to see the interviews with Bryan Singer the director, the Hugh Jackman Screen Test, Still galleries, animatics, trailers, and a featurette from fox called Mutant watch which has a unique and in-depth look at each of the main mutants. Overall a great quality film, tons of extras and you have a great DVD that you can find for under $20. Kids over ten will love it, younger kids might be startled by some of the inherent violence, and even adults should enjoy this well-done film. Add it to your collection today!


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